Development of gene markers for high seed oil content and dissecting molecular basis of female flower development in Jatropha curcas towards its genetic improvement for high seed yield (DBT, New Delhi).
Principal Investigator: 1. Dr. R. S. Chauhan, JUIT, Solan
2. Dr. Sandeep Sharma, HFRI, Shimla
3. Dr. Sudhir Syal, JUIT, Solan
4. Dr. Harvinder Singh, JUIT, Solan
Duration: 2013-2016

• Field testing of genotypes.
• Developing mapping population between genotypes with high seed oil content and genotypes with varying percentage of female flowers.

• Acollaborative project between HFRI, Shimla and JPUIT Waknaghat (Solan, HP)funded by DBT, New Delhi was initiated in April 2013..
• During last one year, maintained the field trials of Jatropha established under earlier DBT, New Delhi funded projects.
• Recorded the male-female flower ratio of the Jatropha trials at Jawalaji (Kangra) and Beerplassi (Nalagarh). Provided necessary details regarding Jatropha plantations maintained under this project to Network partner.